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Our 12 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

Our 12 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

Our 12 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

When your carpets are in need of a serious cleaning, we can help. Let’s take a look at our 11 step process for carpet cleaning in Kauai.


    Step 1: The Pre-Inspection Phase

    To make sure your carpet cleaning is done right, we must begin with the pre-inspection phase. We will send out a technician to inspect the carpets in need of cleaning. You’ll show our Tech the main areas of concern, and point out areas of potential permanent staining.

    Step 2: The Pre-Vacuum Phase

    If it’s necessary, we will vacuum the carpet to get rid of any bonded dry soil. More vacuuming will take place during the entire cleaning process. This is an additional vacuuming before we begin.

    Step 3: Moving Furniture

    To institute proper carpet cleaning, we will need to move tables, chairs and sofas. We will use tabs and blocks to protect your furniture, and leave other liability prone items in place.

    Step 4: Pre-Spot Treatment & Pre-Condition

    There are certain heavily trafficked areas in your home. We will pre-treat these areas for maximum effectiveness by using proprietary spot and soil removal processes.

    Step 5: Pre-Groom

    We will use a carpet groomer to pre-groom the rug. But this all depends on the particular level of soil. This is especially effective because it will help loosen up the soiling in heavily trafficked areas.

    Step 6: Rinse & Extract

    After we go through the process of loosening up the soil, we will begin the soil extraction process by thoroughly rinsing out the carpet. We will regulate the heat and pressure to make sure that the carpet does not become too wet.

    Then we will rinse the carpet with specially treated water at a variety of temperatures between 60° to 235°. It all depends on the content fiber of the carpet and the condition of the soiling.

    Finally, we take steps to improve the quality of your air by removing dust mites, pollutants and pollens from the carpet.

    Step 7: The Neutralization Process

    We will rinse the carpet with a pH balance product. This prevents any sticky residue from being left behind.

    Step 8: Post Cleaning Spot Treatment

    On occasion, spots will not come clean during the main cleaning process. We will then incorporate specialty spot cleaning techniques to ensure that all of the unwanted stains come out of the carpet.

    Step 9: DuPont’s Teflon Carpet Protection (optional)

    Carpets protected with DuPont’s Teflon last longer, clean up easier and stay clean longer. There is a 24-hr curing period required.

    Step 10: The Speed Drying Process

    We do not want the carpet staying wet forever, which is why we incorporate a speed drying process to dry it off. We use high velocity air movers to make this happen.

    Step 11: The Post Grooming Process

    At this stage, we clean up any odds and ends that may have been missed during the initial cleaning. This ensures a perfectly cleaned carpet.

    Step 12: The Post Inspection Process

    We now walk through the home or office while wearing plastic booties. This is how we inspect our work and make sure that you are pleased with the service.

    That’s all she wrote…

    Here at Kauai Restoration we use only environmentally safe organic cleaning agents

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