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Kauai Duct Cleaning

Kauai Duct Cleaning

Kauai Duct Cleaning

Residential Air Duct Cleaning & Commercial Air Duct Cleaning


    Amazing Fact!  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says the average home accumulates about 40 pounds of dust per year! Most of that dust consists of dead skin cells, dust mites, outside pollutants & allergens and most of this dust settles in your ducts!  YIKES!! 

    Here are some ways that you will notice that you have a unhealthy build up of dust in your HVAC duct system.

    1. You are dusting more frequently than usual
    2. You notice unusual odors in your home & especially when your HVAC system starts
    3. Visible dust buildup on your vent grills
    4. Streaking or black marks around your vent grills
    5. You or any family members begin to suffer from allergies or respiratory issues when they are inside your home.
    6. If you visually see dust coming out of air registers, specifically at startup of HVAC system.

    The EPA recommends Duct / HVAC Cleaning if any of the following conditions are observed:

    1. Visibly mold growth inside hard surfaces of grills or ducts
    2. Visible mold growth on or in HVAC & air handling equipment
    3. Mold odor in home (this could be caused by other sources as well, but this is one of the first things you should check)
    4. Vermin / insect infestation (After infestation has been killed or removed / HVAC system should be thoroughly cleaned)

    If you see any of the above mentioned signs it very important that you call an expert air duct cleaning professional to assess your HVAC duct system. Kauai Restoration will provide a deep and thoroughly assessment of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. If our licensed & trained professionals determine that you need your duct or HVAC system cleaned we will provide a detailed quote specifying exactly what we are going to provide and how to obtain the best results for your system. Our proven technology & system will eliminate dust, pet dander, and other pollutants & allergens from both residential and commercial heating and cooling systems.

    Learn About System:

    We use a Rotating Brush system at the end of a high suction vacume hose for thorough deep cleaning and dislodging of all difficult to remove debris

    High Velocity and Commercial vacuum system for high power suction

    3 stage Hepa filter system for clean air reintroduction

    Highly trained & Licensed professionals

    Clean ducts add to your homes healthy living environment.

    If you would like to learn more about our system or if you need additional information on how duct work cleaning can improve your in-home living environment please call and speak to our trained professional today Call US +1 (808) 346-7344

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